Who We Are

 Our Executive Board

Susie Mowry, LeRoy Griffin, Lisa Schlickenmeyer, Kip Redick, John LeGault, Sue Banning, Diane Davis, Leah Graybeal, Dorris Byrd Maddison, Deloris Thomas, Lisa Schlickenmeyer, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Shan Sixby, Brenda Tagge. 

  • Student President: Mary Romanello, class of 2022

The United Campus Ministries Board meets monthly. Contact President Susie Mowry at 757-870-7390 for more information.

The Board includes clergy, church members, and CNU faculty. Members of the Board represent the following denominations:
  • United Methodist
  • Presbyterian (PCUSA)
  • Lutheran (ELCA)
  • Episcopal
  • Disciples of Christ
  • United Church of Christ
  • Protestant Non-denomination