Who We Are

 Our Executive Board

Front Row: Dr. Kip Redick, Mrs. Cheryl Mathews
Middle Row: Mrs. Susan Banning, Mrs. Jean Putnam, Prof. Imogene Bunch
Back Row: Rev. Bill Lamont, Ms. Caitlin McClay, Rev. Tom Tipton

Our Student Officers
  • Ashoton Brower - Student President (senior)

The United Campus Ministries Board meets monthly. Contact President Herb Brydelstein at (571) 276-6945 for more information.

The Board includes clergy, church members, and CNU faculty. Members of the Board represent the following denominations:
  • United Methodist
  • Presbyterian (PCUSA)
  • Lutheran (ELCA)
  • Episcopal
  • Disciples of Christ
  • United Church of Christ
  • Protestant Non-denomination